Equipment List
Level 1 Gear

The items on this list are what we consider essential to be effective. We also understand that everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to individual equipment. So it is OK to customize your gear to fit you. A good example of this is that some of us prefer load-bearing vest to the belt and suspenders set up. When you come to a training session you will get a good feel for variety of vest, pouches, and accessories available.
    Please, don’t feel that you need all this equipment before you can come out with us. None of us started out fully loaded and we don’t expect you to. Many of us have extra gear that we will loan as you acquire your own. 
    If you are starting from scratch, this is the order we recommend you follow in getting outfitted. And remember nothing-and I mean nothing- is more important than a good pair of comfortable, sturdy boots.

The List

•    Boots- comfortable and broken in
•    Pistol belt with canteen and cover
•    Suspenders for pistol belt- Y or H style, both are acceptable
•    2nd canteen with cover and cup
•    Small 1st aid kit- a trauma dressing and 2 pr latex gloves
•    2 ammo pouches- they need to be appropriate for YOUR weapon
•    BDU’s- woodland pattern is what we all wear
•    Boonie hat- also in woodland pattern
•    Butt pack-holds supplies for 1 full day in the field
       Butt pack contents:1 pr socks- powdered in a zip-lok bag
                                   1 pr glove liners or summer gloves
                           Food for 1 day- M.R.E.’s recommended
                           Fire starter- weatherproof matches/ lighter
                           1 Space blanket
                       Weapon cleaning kit- enough for 4 times
                       Rain Poncho- attached to bottom of butt pack
•    2 25foot lengths of para cord
•    1 lensatic compass (optional)
•    1 sheath knife (optional)
•    1 flashlight- angle head preferred (optional)


Level 2 Gear

(Medium LC-1)

FLAP POUCH                   
1    Patrol cap
1    pair gloves w/liners
1    pair socks
1    pair underwear & tee shirt
2    25 foot length of para cord
(All Items to be in ziplock bags)

Left      Food storage (1 day)
Center  Extra Medical Support ON TOP
             Personnel hygiene items (dental, comb, foot powder, wash
             Cloth/soap, extra batteries etc.)
Right    Snack food, candy, toilet roll, extra rifle cleaning patches,
             Rifle oil, more batteries, fishing kit, fuel for stove.

             On the bottom 1 set extra BDU’s 1set socks & underwear.
             In the winter cold weather Kit w/ space blanket.
             In the summer, sleeping kit.
             Food (rice, grains, food bars, M.R.E.’s- 3 days worth)
             Extra personnel medical kit.
             Machete/shovel/folding saw. (2 shovels, 1 ea. of  the others per 4 man team)
             Canteen w/cover.
             (Sleeping bag w/shelter half in winter)