Support Unit Personal Equipment List
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With our increased unit size we need to set up a Logistical Support Unit.
Militia Logistical Support
As our unit expands we need to establish a support element. This will serve two purposes:

1.    To provide service opportunities to those unable or unwilling to serve in the line units.  Older patriots, handicapped patriots, and patriotic conscientious objectors can be utilized to provide food service, transport, resupply, and Command Post communications or medical treatment among other services.

2.    In providing these services they will free up the line troops to focus on their mission and not use up valuable time to fill multiple roles.

The support unit would have their own chain of command under the Battalion CO and their own equipment requirements and qualifications for promotions.

      The equipment requirements would be greater for this element. These would include such things as vehicles for transport, field kitchen equipment, and communication center and medical facility equipment. Support troops would also still need to have their own personal defense weapon and sustainment supplies.

      The qualification requirements would also be more demanding. As Support Unit personnel must be proficient with their personal weapon and will also need to have advanced training in one of the specialized fields such as medical or communications and the ability to perform the more common task such as transport or kitchen duties.

      Any elderly or handicapped members would also need to provide for their own special needs and also be able to function with only very limited assistance from other members.